Lone Pine Prep School Activities

At Lone Pine Prep, daily access to extracurriculars and nationally recognized enrichment programs are built-in to our curriculum! 

A Lone Pine student can participate in:

  • MathCounts*
  • The MOEMS, NOETIC, AMC-8 (or AMC-10/12), and UNC Math Contests
  • Mensa for Kids' Excellence in Reading Challenge
  • Literary magazines and other publications
  • The National Latin Exam, National Mythology, Classical Etymology, Vocabulary, and Roman Culture exams.
  • The National Geography Bee
  • Lego Robotics*
  • Science Olympiad*
  • The Long's Peak Science and Engineering Fair
  • Crafting "clubs," such as whittling
  • Entrepreneurship projects
  • NACLO (the North American Computational Linguistics Open Competition)
  • Chess Club*
  • ACSL and CyberPatriot programming competitions
  • Activities in the arts, such as Improv classes or a handbell choir
  • Service projects (student-designed and student-led!)
  • Field Trips and Adventures built into the school day (Wednesday afternoons)

*For those who do choose the competitive route, MathCounts (once or twice/year), Lego Robotics (once or twice/year), and Science Olympiad (twice or thrice/year) have tournaments on Saturdays.  MathCounts usually has "pizza, problems, and a movie" nights once a month.  Your student may also participate in Chessmates chess tournaments (register with Chessmatesfc.com) held monthly on Saturdays.

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