Lone Pine Prep Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview:  Lone Pine students are the top performers in the nation in Latin, and show exceptional growth and achievement in math, writing, science, literature, and other subjects.  Our courses are carefully designed and constantly updated to ensure that they surpass courses offered by other prep schools, and our instructors have experience teaching from middle school through college level in their respective subjects.  With 28% more instructional time than public schools require, our students have time to explore their coursework more deeply.  Lone Pine is also the ONLY school in Fort Collins that facilitates middle school students working from middle school through college level in all academic areas.

Individual Academic Plans:  Each full-time Lone Pine Prep student has an individual learning plan (similar to an ALP at public schools but much more detailed and all-encompassing), created from the menu of academic options below (with customizations as needed), social/emotional and affective goals, and other goals created through discussions between the student, family, and staff.

Here is a Sample Individual Learning Plan; please keep in mind that each plan is different based on each individual student's needs and goals.  Here is a link to more examples of Affective Goals.

PART-TIME Plans:  Students are welcome to take one or more Lone Pine courses to supplement their homeschooling or other-schooling plans -- for example, if their current school is a reasonably good fit but cannot meet their math needs, or if their homeschool parent would like a literature and writing course that includes group discussion and professional individual writing coaching, or a lab science course.  Please Contact Us to arrange a part-time course schedule.

Please click any title for a more detailed look into the given subject.

Core Subjects:  Small Individualized Classes


  • Math I - Algebra 1, filling in any prealgebra gaps, and beginning math contest preparation
  • Math II - Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Combinatorics, Number Theory, and contest preparation
  • Math III - Algebra II and PreCalculus, including contest preparation
  • Math IV - Calculus (AP option available - AP Calculus AB or BC)
  • Math needs beyond calculus are able to be met - contact us for details

Literature and Writing:

  • Lit I and Lit II (middle school literature and writing) 
    • Establish (and extend beyond) basic writing skills
    • Develop confident proficiency in various genres, forms, purposes, and styles of writing
    • Develop literary analysis skills based upon Socratic Discussion/Inquiry Circles and the Harkness method of Phillips Exeter Academy
    • Read extensively and often, Mensa for Kids' Excellence in Reading Challenge possibilities and reading selections
  • Lit III and Lit IV (high school/college-level literature and writing)
    • Continue Socratic Literary Discussion and Analysis skills by reading a diverse selection of works (both Canon and contemporary)
    • Delve into philosophical "critical lenses" to deepen analytical tool sets
    • Write extensively and often, with voice, style, purpose, clarity, confidence, and power, across various genres


  • Latin I - High School Latin 1 (Orberg Ch. 1-16), National Latin Exam Level 1
  • Latin II - High School Latin 2 (Orberg Ch. 17-35), National Latin Exam Level 2
  • Latin III - High School Latin 3 (Cicero, Caesar, Vergil, Ovid, Catullus, other authors), National Latin Exam Level 3

World Language:

  • Students gain world literacy (world news, geography, cultural literacy) and study a world language (e.g. French) under the guidance of a skilled instructor so they are ready to enter high school at an advanced level.

Core Subjects:  Studied in a larger group

History - A deep dive into history on a three-year cycle, including geography (with the option to participate in the National Geography Bee):

  • Ancient History through the Renaissance
  • The Renaissance through c.1850
  • c.1850 to today

Science:  Lone Pine students learn science by DOING science, within an organized framework that ensures a solid understanding of crucial scientific concepts.

  • Science Olympiad - 23 events in 5 branches of science; a fantastic way to learn teamwork and explore college-level science topics.
  • Long's Peak Science Fair - students design their own project, with teacher support, in any of the 12 possible categories.

Enrichment Subjects:  Students are able to take all courses each year

  • STEM (fall semester):  Students can join our Lego Robotics team, learn programming, and enter hacking and coding competitions.
  • MAKER SPACE (spring semester):  Students enjoy exploring maker skills, including cooking, sewing, knitting, "maker" projects (soap, candles, jewelry, electronics, crafts), car/home maintenance, woodworking, hobbies, and creative endeavors.
  • ARTS: Students explore the arts -- visual, musical, and performance arts.
  • Logic:  Students study formal logic, prepare for the NACLO, and learn chess from professional Chessmates Fort Collins coaches.

Wednesday Adventures:  We work time into the week to take an educational, fun, exercise, and/or service outing!  Please click the link for details.

Meeting Gifted Learners' Needs:  Lone Pine is designed with your middle school student's development and gifted needs in mind!  Social and emotional learning prepares your student for any high school and college they desire, and for navigating the adult world beyond. Participating in sensory and physical activities at frequent intervals during the day is understood as essential, allows for a student's creativity to soar, and leads to a well-rounded school day.  Choice, also vital to the success of a gifted student, is woven into the schedule to allow your student to explore their unique interests. Our Instructors also understand how to successfully integrate developmentally appropriate moments to offer our students additional choice as part of assignments, lessons, and curriculum development.

Sample student schedule:

Students with an early extracurricular activity may opt out of the last class, leaving at 3:05, without a reduction in tuition.

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