Wednesday Adventures

Students explore outward on Wednesday afternoons, with adventures including:

  • Service outings:  Students design and implement service projects, gaining social, career, and organizational skills, and connecting with and helping their community.  Students enjoy leading a group of their peers through the process of transforming their visions into reality!
  • Community/Career outings:  Students learn about various city services (city council, courts, senior center, water treatment plant, recycling center, traffic control center, fire and police services), attend community and civic events, and begin career explorations.  Students see the connections between their academic work and the adult world, and find new interests to explore.
  • Educational outings:  Students visit museums, farms, animal sanctuaries, historical sites, botanic gardens, the butterfly pavilion, the aquarium, factories, research centers, go geocaching or rock hounding, analyzing how information is presented and exploring ways to present their own knowledge -- e.g. publishing educational materials or leading seminars for the community.
  • Nature outings:  Students enjoy nature and learn skills to participate in natural  activities more safely.  Examples include kayaking (with associated boating/swimming skills) and hiking (with associated safety and first aid skills).
  • Physical adventures:  Students expand their fitness repertoire, enjoying biking, swimming, yoga, archery, walking tours, mini-golf, disc golf, tetherball, dancing, parkour, gymnastics, and other forms of exercise.
  • Fun and recreational outings:  Students explore fun topics such as lock picking, magic, old-fashioned (off-grid) entertainment, messy days, creating a haunted house or escape room, "potion" making, and may propose a Wednesday Adventure based on their personal interests.

Gordy at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science:

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