Testimonials from parents:

Your course is the best out on the market.  We recommend your course to any family who is serious about their child's education.

I strongly echo the endorsement for Lone Pine. My son did 5 years with them (grade 6-10). Rigorous supportive excellent instruction, I consider these classes to have been his best courses even including Stanford Online classes and my son is a math and physics kind of guy.  

We appreciate the amazing Math education you are providing.  This is the first year that [Name] has made REAL progress in math.  She is loving it!

Thank you again for your work with [Name]. She ended up getting a National Merit Finalist award and going to Hillsdale College in Michigan on a full ride.  You were her first rigorous teacher/class!!  It was so good for her!

It really is amazing what you are doing with these kids. I am so glad they are having so much fun learning math!

Your Latin Poetry class absolutely changed him, and turned his study of English around. I had been struggling to teach him poetry and literary analysis (my degree is in English literature), and he blew me off with all his might. But in your poetry class he did it, he learned it, he *got it,* and he hasn't had any trouble with literary analysis ever since. It was a hard class, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Lone Pine's high academic standards coupled with the policy to leave politics and religion out of the environment has provided a most welcome place for [Name] to grow this semester.  In August, she begged me not to sign her up for the Latin convention... now, she wouldn't miss it. [Name] is benefiting greatly from your influence.

We’re really enjoying the class.  One thing that really helps is how fun the text book is (tuxtax, tuxtax), and how open to fun you are in class.  You are a wonderful teacher.

I think it is *amazing* that you can manage to make a class so incredibly rigorous and yet also so fun and full of comradery that the students actually want to continue! Quite impressive!

Thank you, Karen! It's been a wonderful experience working with you.  You are master of your content and your platform, unflappable, and super nice.  

So [Name] placed in Latin 300 at University of Toronto and when she met her professor yesterday about an essay, he was surprised to hear that she was in first year and said he had never heard of anyone skipping straight to Latin 300 before!  Wanted to share. Proud of her and thanks for all your teaching!

Thank you so much!  She is loving your class, and she's enriching our family's conversations with everything she's learning. [Name] has grown tremendously because of her participation in your program.

I wanted to pass along that [Name] was on her way to a nearly perfect score on the verbal portion of the SAT.   Credit—LATIN. (780/800)

We are going to miss you. The education he received with you was high caliber and as good and/or better than all his Stanford OHS courses.

Thank you, Karen! An amazing year! [Name] has grown in so many ways and has such a sense of accomplishment and achievement. He hung in there and we are so proud of him! Your program had been a delightful place for him to land; He's discovered a true love of Latin! Have a great summer!

[Name] wanted you to know that his college classical studies isn't even close to as hard as this class [Latin 400]..

As [Name] is doing his last minute preparations for convention, I wanted to take a moment and tell you how valuable Latin has been for him these last four years!  It is amazing to me how much time you spend not only teaching the kids, but making sure that their total experience is outstanding.  So, over and over again, I must say thank you for all the energy that you pour into your students each year. 

I will tell you once again, that your class revitalized our schooling, and I am in awe of what a wonderful community of learners you have pulled together and support. Thank you again for all.

I'm very glad we found Lone Pine, as it's been a wonderful fit for [name] and has given him motivation to hone his study skills. I've seen a big difference in his maturity and self discipline regarding schoolwork since he began tackling Latin 100. Thank you so much for offering this program - it's been a huge success in our schooling journey.

Thank you, Mrs. Karppinen, for providing her the opportunity to experience this level of work at such a young age.

He's very much enjoyed studying Latin this year, and is eagerly looking forward to Latin 200. I was hoping he would benefit from Latin, but was pleasantly surprised to see it become one of his favorite subjects.

Thank You so much Karen!  This has been the best class either one of my sons has ever taken!  You have been an awesome teacher and Lone Pine is absolutely incredible!  I do so wish I had found the Latin classes earlier!  [Name] has learned so much and so enjoyed your class!  He absolutely loved attending the Convention and had so much fun!  I will be eternally grateful to you for making that happen!  Your love of your students and your love of teaching is so evident!  You strive for excellence in all you do and I do so appreciate everything you have done this year!  I tell everyone I know about your classes and I highly recommend Lone Pine!

[Name] had a great experience with Lone Pine this year and the Latin 200 class. I appreciate the high expectations and rigor of the course; she is much more ready for honors-level high school courses in other subjects because she has had this experience. She really grew in her understanding and her ability to think in Latin--the grammar she has picked up amazes me.  

Parent follow-up: Thanks again for teaching [name]. He told me he told you he was given credit for 3 semesters of Latin. His college advisor said it was unusual for someone to do so well on the Latin placement test. You have a done a wonderful job teaching [name]. Thanks again!

FYI, [student] took the Latin Placement test at Agnes Scott College, and she placed in Latin 213: Later Latin Literature, which is Medieval Latin this year. We were pleased with that, and thought we should compliment you on your excellent teaching! 

This course has been so good for her. It has stretched her academically, but has also made her grow in budgeting her time, working independently, and using her study time wisely. A win-win for both her and me! Thanks again for making this opportunity available.

Excellent class! Challenging, but it is an excellent opportunity for a student to build consistent study habits and provides built-in accountability. We could not be happier!

Latin 100 was a terrific experience for [student] this past year. From an academic perspective she learned an impressive amount of Latin and was very motivated to get an A+, the first time she has ever gotten a grade in a class. She had to work hard to do that sometimes, carrying flash cards around while touring the Grand Canyon, staying up too late trying to learn verbs or even missing a ballet class which she hates to do more than anything. But she had a lot of fun in the process… producing plenty of laughter which flowed down the stairs in waves! I think you have managed to do a wonderful job of inspiring these young people and certainly keeping them at it with plenty of work but creating a supportive atmosphere of warmth and humour flowing through the classroom which is no easy task at any time and even harder in an online classroom.

Thank you so much for your careful teaching of the students and for your enthusiasm. I've homeschooled for over 15 years and have used several online courses. Lone Pine is by far the best online teaching experience that we've had and Anna loves the class and Latin! Sincerely, Dr. Andrea Chen in NY

By the way, I have been watching the class along with [Name]... We are both really enjoying it, and I am so impressed with how well you manage the online dynamics, incorporate participation, build class/legion spirit and enthusiasm, communicate expectations, deal with technical issues, and seek feedback. Extremely well done - J

Testimonials from students:

Lone Pine was so great for me and really set me on the path to where I am now, doing a Latin PhD!

I visited [College], and was hosted overnight by an Honors program student. She took me along to her Intermediate Latin course… St. Thomas Aquinas' writings. He had the 2 students verbally translate it, on-spot right then and there with his critique, and let me join in! I think he was very impressed.  Woohoo for Lone Pine!

AP Exam: I got a 5!  Thank you so much for all the years of teaching me and for preparing me so well for the exam.

I've taken Latin with Ms. K for the past four years (100, 200, 300 poetry, summer Caesar, and AP Latin), and I've learned so much. I started with Latina Christiana and took another class as a 6th grader, but Ms. K's classes really are different--and so much better. Over the years, I've done so many assignments.... Ms. K uses all of these to teach you "real Latin" (what I did NOT learn in those previous classes!)--building your skills until (in AP Latin) you're able to read any kind of Latin work. Sometimes I forget just HOW MUCH Latin I really have learned--it's a lot! 

Her courses move quickly and are not necessarily "easy," but you'll learn a lot (not just about Latin, but you'll gain skills you can apply to other subjects and pursuits!) if you are able to work hard. Ms. K an extremely knowledgeable and very dedicated Latin teacher, and I'm so glad I found her! - AP student, 2014

The best thing(s) about the class is that it's more advanced than most other Latin courses and was able to raise me from an "average" Latin 100 student to a prepared Lone Pine Latin 200 student in less than two months.

A note from a Lone Pine graduate studying classics at UGA: … I'm also taking ancient daily life with my favorite professor here. She asked me who my high school Latin teacher was and said "oh yes, she's a great teacher!"

I think that [this year] has been the best year of my life. Why? It was the year I discovered Lone Pine. The classes are fun and interesting, and I met so many friends… I'm sad I have to wait an ENTIRE SUMMER before Latin starts again.

Ms. K, I did some stats for your website: 52.8% of Lone Piners get Gold Medals on the NLE. 37.8% of students worldwide got any award at all on the 2016 NLE.  8.8% of NLEs taken by Lone Piners have resulted in Perfect Papers. Only 1.17% of NLEs taken worldwide resulted in Perfect Papers.

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me this year! You've been an EXCELLENT teacher and I would highly recommend you to anyone. I learned a LOT this year and I'm so glad I got to take Latin with Lone Pine!

Thank you for teaching me Latin so well! This week I had [college] orientation, along with many placement tests... Without studying, I earned three semesters worth of Latin, or 7 credit hours. That is all the language I need to graduate... Thank you for teaching me Latin! I enjoyed your class and learned very much.

Thank you so much for a brilliant class, Mrs. K! Orberg in 100 and 200 was fun, and at the beginning of the year I was kind of scared about reading Latin poetry, but now I've found out that it's more fun, and easier if you know the right tricks and methods, than I could ever have hoped!

Thanks for all the hard work you've done for my whole class.  I do wish I asked for more help though, because you're so good at covering all our problems extensively. I don't think I or any of my fellow classmates could have done nearly as well on the NLE without the fantastic prep you gave us. Most of all, I love how you understand Latin's a tough subject, and you don't water it down, but help us grasp its way of thinking like the Romans did.

Hi! I just finished my last online Latin assignment through our university. I want you to know that the tuition was twice of yours (if I remember correctly) and the teaching was not even a measurable fraction of what you provided in your class. ANYTIME you could use a student/parent recommendation please let me know!

Class is great as always! I never knew it was possible to have fun while learning Latin in a way I could understand until I came here. I'd like to be a Classics major, thanks to Lone Pine! 

The SAT 2 Latin scores came out today, and I scored 800. I could not have done it without your excellent instruction.

I am dual-enrolling Latin this year at University of North Georgia, and I have a 100% average thus far! I was so prepared for the class based off everything we learned in Latin 100-400. Whenever she summarizes a piece for us, I just think "OMG I did that already with Mrs. K! I know this!" It's really awesome! Make sure to tell everyone in Latin 100 that all of the hw you have us do is completely worth it!

Lone Pine shirts have been seen in the strangest places!

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