Lone Pine Tuition and Scholarship Information

Lone Pine Prep School has an all-inclusive full-time tuition with NO extra fees assessed.  

Full-time tuition includes all contest and event entry fees, a Lone Pine T-shirt for contest days, travel, tickets and entry fees for all Wednesday Adventures, classes taught by professionals brought to campus (e.g. Chessmates coaches, professional cooking teachers, professional artists, musicians, and drama teachers), and materials for all standard projects.  There are no fundraisers!

2021 ONLY:  Founding Family Scholarship of $3,000 to the first 10 students to be admitted!  

Please Contact Us to lock in the Founding Family Scholarship for your student.

The goal of Lone Pine Prep School is to be able to offer our program to all qualified students, regardless of their family's financial situation.  We hope to build a scholarship fund over the next few years to make this goal a reality.

For the 2021-2022 school year:

Full-time Tuition without scholarships:  $18,000 per school year (August 1 - May 31)

Full-time Tuition with available scholarships and discounts (see below):  $13,500

Part-time Tuition:  Students who homeschool or attend a public or other private school are welcome to take one or more Lone Pine classes, either with the school or their family covering the tuition.  

  • Tuition per 5-day academic class:  $1,500 per school year ($750 per semester; $150 per month).  Available classes:  Math (includes MathCounts extracurricular events and some math competition fees).
  • Tuition per 4-day academic class (no Wednesday meetings):  $1,200 per school year ($600 per semester; $120 per month).  Students who homeschool or attend a public or other private school are welcome to opt in to Lone Pine classes, either with the school or their family covering the tuition.  Available classes:  Latin, Science, History, World Language.  Note:  Science is a "4-day" class which meets for a double period on Mondays and Thursdays; students only taking science will come to the building just two days per week.
  • Tuition for Literature and Writing (Literature is 5-day, Writing is 4-day; must be taken together):  $2,400 per school year ($1,200 per semester; $240 per month).
  • Tuition per elective varies based on the class; please inquire for details.  Available classes:  STEM (fall; Lego Robotics or computer programming option), Maker Space (spring), Arts, Chess and Logic.
  • Student fees are not included in part-time tuition; please plan for some T-shirt, entry fee, competition/travel, and/or materials costs, based on your student's activities.


Founding Family scholarship:  $3,000, available to the first 10 families.

Family Investment scholarship:  $1,500, available to 6 families (with or without the Founding Family scholarship).  A parent/guardian or their chosen adult appointee agrees to help with Science Olympiad or Lego Robotics (details will be agreed upon with the family at the time of the scholarship award), committing to be one of our required volunteers for one full-day Saturday tournament (7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and/or helping with a specific event (e.g. working on the balsa wood glider event with their student, making and testing prototypes at home); time commitment ~40 hours total, including the tournament. The adult will have a background check completed before the tournament. The family also agrees to supply materials for two planned "maker" days in the spring -- e.g. yards of fleece, zippers, and thread for our hoodie sewing day and grocery supplies for crepe day.

CZD Scholarship:  This $1,800 scholarship is awarded to one returning student each May toward the next school year's tuition, based on scholarship, leadership, and level of challenge accepted during the current school year.

Semester Payment discount:  Families without the Founding Family scholarship may opt to pay tuition in two payments, August 1 and January 1, receiving a 10% discount of $1,800.  Their total tuition is $16,200, due in two payments of $8100.  

Payment Plans:  

Tuition may be paid via check or online via your parent/guardian login on the Lone Pine Prep website.

Semester Plan:  Tuition of $8,100 is due August 1 and January 1.  For Founding Families, semester tuition payments are $7,500.  For Family Investment scholarship recipients, $1,500 is credited toward your spring semester tuition.

Monthly Plan:  Tuition of $1,800 ($1,500 for Founding Families) is due on the first of August and each subsequent month, through May 1st.  For Family Investment scholarship recipients, $1,500 is credited toward your May tuition.

Part-time Tuition:  Please Contact Us to set up your plan and/or to set up a plan to have your child's school cover the tuition.

Other arrangements may be available - please Contact Us to inquire.

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