Why Choose Lone Pine Prep School for your child's middle school years?

  • Exceptional Academics:  Lone Pine students are the top performers in the nation in Latin, and show exceptional growth and achievement in math, writing, science, literature, and other subjects.  Our courses are carefully designed and constantly updated to ensure that they surpass courses offered by other prep schools.  With 28% more instructional time than public schools require, our students have time to explore their coursework more deeply.  Lone Pine is also the ONLY school in Fort Collins that facilitates middle school students working from middle school through college level in all academic areas, with instructors that have taught at the college level in their respective subjects.
  • Individual Attention:  The ability to adjust coursework in each subject and customize your student's curriculum ensures that your child is not bored or stressed, and leaves well-prepared for the future. A wide range of academics are provided, so that your student can work from middle school level to college level as needed in each subject. Every student has an individual learning plan (similar to an ALP at public schools but much more detailed and all-encompassing), including academic goals, social/emotional and affective goals, and other goals created through discussions including the student, their family, and our staff.
  • We Meet Gifted Learners' Unique Needs:  Our founders and instructors are trained and experienced in gifted education.  We continually look for ways to go above and beyond to meet your student's needs - intellectual, social, and emotional. We encourage student choice and provide opportunities for students to explore their individual interests.
  • Supportive Community:  Your child will have intellectual peers and will enjoy strong bonds forged through teamwork and shared experiences. After graduating, your student will join the network of Lone Pine alumni, having lasting connections to provide support in his/her future adventures.


Lone Pine Prep School for Gifted Learning is entirely committed to offering our students the very best academic courses.  Our goal is that a student at Lone Pine Prep will complete each course at or above the performance level of students taking a course of the same name at any of the top prep schools in the nation.  For example, the goal of our Lone Pine Prep Geometry course is to offer stronger and deeper content than Geometry offered at Exeter, Cranbrook, Andover, or any comparable prep school.  We constantly reevaluate our course content and monitor student performance to ensure that our graduates are excelling in their high school courses and achieving the best possible results on the PSAT/SAT/ACT, Accuplacer, National Latin Exam, and similar nationally-normed assessments. 

Last modified: Sunday, 7 February 2021, 2:49 PM