Lone Pine F.A.Q.

Lone Pine F.A.Q.

Lone Pine Philosophy:

  • Where is your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus?  To protect your student's privacy, Lone Pine Prep has a very minimal presence on social media.  We do maintain a Facebook page, but we do not post pictures of students without parent/guardian permission.
  • Is Lone Pine religious or secular?  We are secular and do not promote any political agenda.

Lone Pine History and Traditions:

  • When was Lone Pine founded?  We were founded in 2006 as an online Latin program (Lone Pine Classical School), expanding into an in-person homeschool enrichment program for GT kids.  We took a research hiatus 2018-2020, teaching in local schools and confirming that neither Poudre School District nor any other entity in northern Colorado is willing or able to fully meet the needs of gifted middle school students.  We look forward to opening in August 2021 as a full-time private school.
  • What are the Lone Pine colors?  Purple and silver.
  • What is the Lone Pine mascot?  Gordy the penguin! 
  • How many alumni does Lone Pine have?  We used to track course completion certificates before becoming a full-time program.  Lone Pine has awarded approximately 600 course completion certificates, corresponding to roughly 200 alumni.


  • My student goes to a public school that can't accommodate their math needs.  Can my student come to Lone Pine just for math?  Yes, we welcome part-time students as long as the class is not full.  Homeschooled students and students from public or private schools are welcome to attend part-time.
  • Will my student's school pay their Lone Pine tuition?  Possibly.  We are currently setting up agreements with some local schools so that their GT students can have their needs met in a way that benefits both the students and the school. Please Contact Us for details, and/or check this page in June once our agreements have been finalized.
  • Is this a virtual school or an in-person school?  Lone Pine Prep is an in-person brick-and-mortar full time school in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Homeschoolers and students from other schools can attend part time if space allows at a part-time tuition rate.
  • What do you mean by "small class sizes"?  Lone Pine Prep is a micro school capped at 24 students maximum.  A "full school event" would have up to 24 students.  Most core academic classes average 8 students, but can flex even smaller based on individual needs.
  • How much homework do Lone Pine Prep students have?  Students, as a school policy, do not have homework in subjects other than math and literature, though many may choose to work on their Science Olympiad events and science fair projects at home (as a hobby) because they are too interesting to put down!  Students may have one hour of homework maximum at the highest course levels.
  • What is the application deadline?  We have a rolling application deadline with applications evaluated according to submission date.  Families on our email list are usually able to waive the application fee if they apply by March 1 for the following school year.  Please join the email list via the Contact Us page and watch your email for application fee waiver codes!
  • What is your annual schedule?  Please download our 2021-2022 School Year Calendar here.  We run a 40-week school year, beginning the first week of August and ending the last full week of May.  The extra four weeks (as compared to a public school) allow for our Wednesday Adventures and for occasional days to be used to participate in events like the Science & Engineering Fair without losing any academic learning time.  The extra time in school also keeps student homework loads very low -- an hour maximum at the highest levels, 30 minutes maximum expected in 6th grade.  For perspective, public schools are required to meet for 1080 instructional hours, and we meet for 1385.5 hours of instructional time -- that's 28% more than our public school counterparts!
  • Are you teaching in person or remotely due to the pandemic?  Lone Pine Prep follows all health department guidelines and local ordinances.  That said, we do expect and plan to be fully in-person when the new school year begins in August 2021.

Lone Pine Prep Students:

  • Is Lone Pine a good fit for 2e students?  We encourage twice-exceptional students to apply!  Our model is built to accommodate dysgraphia, sensory and movement needs, ADHD, and social/emotional learning needs.  We would enjoy discussing your student's needs to see if Lone Pine is your student's best middle school option.
  • Where do your students go to high school?  We assist all eligible students in applying for the Caroline D. Bradley scholarship in 7th grade, which can help them attend any high school they desire.  Students can go to local high schools, to boarding schools and prep schools out of state, or to any other private or public high school they wish that meets their needs.
  • Where are students academically when they graduate from Lone Pine Prep?  Students generally graduate from 8th grade ready to take calculus/precalculus and AP/college-level English courses, as well as high level science, history, and language courses.
  • Are your students stressed out?  No.  We work hard and play hard, showing students how to achieve at the highest levels while maintaining balance in their lives and low stress levels.  Students love the competitions such as Science Olympiad but are not unduly stressed out by them.  Students do not have a high homework load.

The Application Process:

  • What is the youngest student who can apply?  Most applicants are around 10 years old (at the time of application) and most Lone Pine Prep students are 11-13 years old, but we are open to younger and slightly older students.  Students may begin in what would have been their 5th grade year or stay or an "extra" 8th grade year (mostly to undo a previous grade skip) if that best meets their needs.  We have occasionally had 4th and extremely exceptional 3rd graders find the program to be a great fit.  Students can only compete in MathCounts for 3 years, but can participate in Science Olympiad and other activities as long as they wish.  Students younger than 9 would not likely find Lone Pine Prep a good fit at that point, but may find it perfect in a year or two.  (That said, all GT kids are unique, and we encourage everyone to Contact Us to discuss whether Lone Pine would meet your student's needs.)
  • Is the application fee refundable?  No, the application fee is not refundable.  It is applied toward tuition for admitted students.  Join our email list on the Contact Us page and watch your mail for discount codes to waive the application fee!
  • Should my student apply?  Please join our email list to receive notices about our informational meetings, at which you can get a good idea as to whether Lone Pine Prep is a good fit for your student.  Please also see the Is My Child GIfted? page and its external links to see whether any of those descriptors seem familiar.

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