Meeting Gifted Learners' Needs

What is Giftedness?

Giftedness is ‘asynchronous development’ in which advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity combine to create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm. This asynchrony increases with higher intellectual capacity. The uniqueness of the gifted renders them particularly vulnerable and requires modifications in parenting, teaching, and counseling in order for them to develop optimally.  (Columbus Group, 1991)

Deeper Connections:  Gifted students often enjoy activities that encourage abstract, complex, or deeper thinking.  Our curriculum is designed to encourage complex thought and allow time to delve into the occasional fascinating rabbit hole inspired by students' natural curiosity.

Asynchronous Development:  Gifted students often have abilities that develop at different rates, even to the extent of being able to understand an idea intellectually but not yet having the ability to process it emotionally.  Lone Pine Prep is designed with your students' asynchronous development in mind - able to meet your student where he/she is at different academic, developmental, and emotional levels, and to help your student with appropriate levels of support and challenge in each aspect.

Social-Emotional Learning:  In our morning meetings, students bond through teambuilding exercises, check-ins, and discussions, and work through social skills curricula such as the Six-Minute Social Skills series and Social Skills Guidebook, Social Code learning, Secret Social Rule guides, and etiquette instruction similar to that given by the JDW Cotilion group.  (Larger etiquette and social skill topics, e.g. social dance or formal dining, are occasionally included in Wednesday adventures.)

Movement:  Middle school students' needs for breaks between periods of focus, and all students' sensory needs are met through various activities advised by John Murray, OT (such as swinging, spinning, stretchy tunnels, weights, walking through/squeezing various textures), and frequent breaks for physical activity throughout the day.  A great quantity of physical handwriting is not required; students participate orally in most classes and may type on their own laptops if desired.

Student Choice:  Student Choice is a theme in the second half of the day; students choose their pursuits (individual and group) in classes such as science, STEM, maker classes, the arts, and on their Wednesday Adventures.  

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