Lone Pine Enrichment Curriculum

Lone Pine students are not stuck choosing between interesting electives -- they can take all of them!  

All Lone Pine students take the following enrichment classes:

  • STEM (fall semester, long blocks twice/week):  Students can join our Lego Robotics team, learn programming (Python, C++/C#, Java), and enter hacking and coding competitions (e.g. American Computer Science League competitions and the CyberPatriot competition).
  • MAKER SPACE (spring semester, long blocks twice/week):  Students enjoy exploring maker skills, including cooking, sewing (cloth napkins and potholders, fleece pj pants, fleece hoodies), knitting (scarves and beyond), loom projects, and other "maker" projects (soap, candles, jewelry, electronics & wearable electronics, 3D printing, crafts), car and home maintenance, woodworking and carpentry, hobbies, and creative endeavours.
  • ARTS (1 hour class 3x/week): Students explore the arts -- visual (drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, etc.), musical (reading music, voice lessons, handbell choir or other instruments), and performance arts (improv class, acting, dance, stand-up comedy, mime).
  • Logic (long block once/week and 1 hour block once/week):  Students study formal logic, prepare for the NACLO, and learn chess from professional Chessmates Fort Collins coaches.

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