Lone Pine Math Curriculum

The Lone Pine Math Curriculum prepares your student to enter high school fully prepared for precalculus, calculus, or higher level math.  Lone Pine is not a "race to calculus" math track; we spend time on number theory, combinatorics, and topics often not seen by students until 300 level college courses.  Students enjoy the camaraderie of MathCounts (a MathCounts "pi" hike is pictured - 3.14 miles):

Elementary Math:  Students not yet ready for Math I will complete the Singapore 5AB and 6AB levels, focusing on the Intensive Practice and Challenging Word Problems books and beginning math contest preparation.

Math I:  This course, exclusive to Lone Pine, covers traditional Algebra 1 content, filling in any prealgebra gaps, focusing on deeper problems and more advanced applications, leading to a student being well-prepared for math contests.  We use Art of Problem Solving materials in additional to a traditional Algebra textbook and a MathCounts preparation book written by Lone Pine staff.  Students who need more prealgebra work will receive individual instruction using Singapore 5AB and 6AB (more rigorous pre-core US Edition) materials, focusing on the Challenging Word Problems supplement.

Math II:  This course, also exclusive to Lone Pine, includes Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Combinatorics, Number Theory, and further contest preparation.  Materials used include Harold Jacobs' Geometry (the classic proof-based text, not the modern watered-down version), Art of Problem Solving materials, a Discrete Mathematics text, a Combinatorics text, an Elementary Number Theory text, various statistics and abstract algebra resources, and the Lone Pine MathCounts prep book.

Math III:  This course, also exclusive to Lone Pine, is our unique combination of Algebra II and PreCalculus, and includes further contest preparation.  Materials used include the Sullivan and Larson Algebra/Trigonometry/PreCalculus texts, Art of Problem Solving materials, and the Lone Pine MathCounts prep book.

Math IV:  Calculus, with an AP option available (AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC).

Individual Math:  If a student needs other higher-level work, they will receive individual instruction at their level, perhaps flexing their science and math time to allow for one-on-one meetings.  Curriculum would include Hill's Linear Algebra, Hungerford's Abstract Algebra, and Greenberg's Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries.

Students also participate in several math contests as part of the school day - see our Awards page for details!

 Some NOETIC awards:

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