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Yes, we're shouting in all caps since we're excited. smile  

A progressive educator has found a way to allow us to WAIVE tuition for certain classes -- please contact us for details!

FREE classes:  Math, Latin, Science, possibly more -- join the email list to stay up-to-date about future Tuition Waiver Program expansions.

Founding Families and Friends Discussions are Beginning Now!

by Lone Pine Web Admin -

Our Founding Families and Friends are beginning to meet, discussing philosophy, academics, and logistics for next year.  Are you interested in gifted education in general, and/or would you like input into your child's school experiences?  You are very welcome to join the conversation!  We try to meet at a variety of times to accommodate everyone's schedules.

Next meetings:

Staff meeting (open to Founding Families) Tuesday February 9.

Founding Families and Friends meetings the weeks of February  15 and February 22.

Informational Meeting (open to the public) Sunday February 28, 1 p.m.

Please Contact Us or email admissions@lonepineprep.org to join the conversation!

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